Company specialized in grinding, texturing and coating surfaces.

Technology at the service of our customers.


The grinding allows obtaining surfaces with geometries within tolerances of 5 microns.


The texturing allows to create functional surfaces that are subsequently transferred to the materials processed with our surfaces.


Coatings can be generated with a wide variety of materials: pure metals such as copper or nickel, metal alloys or composite materials.

Focus on customer service

Cromomed S.A. began its activities in 1993 as a response to the need for steelmaking processes through the introduction of a new surface preparation technology: texturing.

Subsequently, in 2001, the company expanded its activity with the installation of a grinding machine that allowed to guarantee the geometry and surface finish of the pieces used in other metal transformation processes.

Cromomed, S.A. believes that only through innovation and the application of processes with high added value is it possible to develop within a complex industrial environment. Hence, since 2017, the company has incorporated thermal spraying technology as a complementary tool that enables the application of coatings aimed at industrial sectors in continuous growth.